If you're interested in joining us for a DIY pARTy but are feeling a little bit intimidated, don't be! Each pARTy is formatted so that DIYers of all skill levels feel comfortable creating in a relaxed and inspiring environment. Our friendly and fun instructors are there every step of the way to give you a little extra guidance or help you select the best color combinations!

Here’s what a typical DIY pallet class is like -


Time to plan your girls night out! Visit to view our upcoming pARTies and find a date that works for you and your friends. Reserve your spot(s)! PRO TIP #1: Can’t decide on the same project? Every Tuesday and Thursday is open studio and everyone in your group can create a different project!


If you’re attending an event in our downtown studio, text your friends to coordinate who’s bringing the wine and snacks (yup, our studio is BYOB). PRO TIP #2: To make it the ultimate girls night out, visit our neighbors, Tappo or Deep South Taco, before or after the pARTy for dinner and drinks!


Arrive at the pARTy. Hang up your coat. Grab an apron. Pick a seat. Pour some wine. PRO TIP #3: If you’re coming with a group, leave a message in the note section at checkout and we’ll reserve space for all of you to sit together!

StudioHue DIY pARTies

6:30 PM - GONG! The pARTy starts!

Our instructors will introduce themselves and provide the first set of directions. Since our workshops have more of a relaxed vibe, instructors come around table to table to give each crafter personal attention through the pARTy.

First, you’ll select your design. There are 60+ stencils for you to mix and match and create your own unique design. Yes, you read the correctly, we use stencils. That means you don’t have to free hand a buffalo or worry about your handwriting while adding Buffalove!

PRO TIP #4: Most people select between 3 - 5 stencils. Less is more.

At this point you’ll also get to “stain” your pallet. We’ll teach you a painting technique giving you the look of stain without the smell and dries in a fraction of the time. Most people use a brown, gray, or white stain but you can select ANY color that matches your decor!

Throughout the workshop instructors will be asking for the attention of the group to provide tips and tricks on next steps but will also be floating table to table to help so each DIYer can work at their own pace.

7:15 PM - Refill your wine glass.

Once your board is dry, it’s time to apply your stencils! We’ll use transfer paper to help make sure everything lines up properly. Let your creativity shine by picking some paint colors! We have all the basics on hand but our master mixers can help you create any color you can imagine. Time to paint. We recommend light brush strokes. Depending on color choices, you may have to do a few coats to get the coverage you are looking for but we promise, it will look way better than one, thick coat of paint!

8:00 PM - You’re ready for the big reveal!

Once your paint is dry, you can carefully peel your stencil. It’s time to show off your masterpiece. Our paparazzi team would love to snap some photos of you, your project, and your crew to feature it on our social media pages. Now you’re ready to display your handmade art piece in your home! And the best part - our team cleans up all of the mess while you finish your glass of wine and hang out with your friends!

Finished Pallet

Now that you’re excited to give a class a try - visit us online at to plan your night out!

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