Team Building Beyond Boring Icebreakers

StudioHue Team Building

Corporate team building - these three little words can invoke fear in the hearts of all of your staff but it shouldn’t have to! By taking a fresh approach, staff can look forward to engaging in fun and fellowship. It’s a new year - go beyond the typical ice breakers - leave trust falls, 2 Truths and a Lie, and charades in the past.

What can engaging, team building events do for your company?

1. Boost Team Performance - By getting away from their desks, your team will get to know each other and foster better working relationships. Socializing and bonding will help people relate to each other better and lead to higher productivity.

2. Improve Communication - It’s no surprise people work better in a friendly, welcoming environment. Participating in a group activity can break down barriers, opening communication channels among peers and between employees and managers.

3. Promote Creativity - By taking your team out of the office and away from the day to day routine, it encourages thinking outside the box and developing better problem solving abilities.

StudioHue Team Building Event

StudioHue DIY pARTies & Workshops can help bring your team together with a unique, hands-on experience. National Fuel, Wegmans, and M&T Bank, are just a few Western New York companies who have partnered with StudioHue over the years to offer interactive parties for their teams.

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