5 Tips for Making Your Office Party Anything But Boring

1. Take it outside the office

Keeping your party in-house may be easier and more budget-friendly, but it’s not exactly fun to party where you work. If you plan early enough - or compromise by having your party earlier in the season rather than right before Christmas - you may be surprised at the great deal you’re able to secure for a venue. We have plenty of space for groups of 12 to 25 people - plus we clean up the mess. Can’t get out of the office? Don’t worry. We’re a mobile business and can come to you too!

2. Get creative with food

It’s no secret in event planning that great food is a surefire way to wow party guests. Even for the budget -conscious, food is an area you don’t want to skimp on - particularly if alcohol will also be served.

It may be easy to fall back on pre-made veggie trays and fattening dips, but it doesn’t take much extra effort or cost to offer truly tasty alternatives. Consider a fun spread like a pizza or nacho bar, plan a themed potluck, or find out what food trucks offer a great deal for parking on-site for the evening. At StudioHue, guests are welcome to bring snacks or work with one of our partner caterers. Deep South Taco, Expo Market, Jaz & Jack’s, and Casa Di Pizza have tons of choices to make your party complete!

3. Shake things up

Not everyone is a natural mingler — and hanging out after-hours with professional associates can feel awkward. Planning a creative party can help get people of their comfort zones and chip away at lingering discomfort. We have dozens to choose from including our popular coasters and etched glasses, string art, and throw pillow workshops. Each project has several design and color choices so every DIYer can customize to their own creativity.


Providing your own beverages can help prevent breaking the bank. There are plenty of beer and wine options that will help make your party a success. Whatever you choose, make sure to have plenty of non-alcoholic alternatives too.

5. Have transportation available

If you’ve done your due diligence and the party is a hit, chances are people are going to let loose —particularly after that signature cocktail! To make sure everyone is safe, or, just to add that extra bonding time, think about transportation ahead of time. However, FREE parking is available at StudioHue downtown.

Bonus tip: Enlist the help of a pro!

pARTy planning is as easy as 1 - 2 – 3 with StudioHue!

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