Nice to Meet Hue: Megan

Megan is new to the StudioHue team - she has only been with us for a couple months! We love her outgoing personality and creativity! She's already had a bunch of ideas for new craft projects (can't wait for you to see them on our January schedule)!

Meet Megan -

- She lives in North Buffalo and frequents Daily Planet Coffee. It's her favorite coffee shop in the city.

- Megan is a dog-mom to her Chihuahua/Boston Terrier mix, Bollywood. She's a "little terror" but she loves her so much! - Seeing live music is one of her favorite things to do! She's seen The Avett Brothers in concert over 100 times!

- Megan is an avid runner and is program director for Jeff Gallaway Run-Walk-Run Program for Buffalo. She is currently training runners for the Buffalo Marathon!

- Fun Fact: She's traveled to run in two marathons - one in Florida and another in Paris!


Color: Midnight Blue Hue Craft: Pillows Food: Chicken Muglai

Animal: Dogs

Drink: Water or Coffee (cafe con leche!)

Vacation Destination: India - South Goa, Patnem Bay

Say hello to Megan at your next party!

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