Nice to Meet Hue: Alicia

Alicia is one of the owners and masterminds behind StudioHue! Over two and half years ago, she came up with the idea for a traveling DIY craft and workshop studio with an ever-changing and evolving list of projects and events. After spending 12+ years in the world of IT, she's excited to continue her hobby-turned-career with StudioHue!

Meet Alicia -

- She's Buffalo-born and raised, UB Alumni, Bills season ticket holder, die hard Sabres fan, and loves seeing the resurgence of the city. She recently got a Buffalo tattoo and loves showing it off!

- She lives in Cheektowaga with her husband Rob, 7-month old daughter Morgan, and three cats Logan, Caillou, and Remus.

- Alicia's a crafty girl who drinks crafty beer. Her favorite locally brewed beers are Slice O Havens (Rusty Nickel Brewing Co), Blue-Eyed Blueberry Blonde (Pearl Street Brewing), and Vanilla Oatmeal Stout (Big Ditch Brewing Co).

- Going to concerts is one of her favorite hobbies. She's been to hundreds of shows and her favorite bands include Motion City Soundtrack, Green Day, Third Eye Blind, Imagine Dragons, The Killers, The Beatles, and pretty much anything played on 107.7!

- Fun Fact: She knows how to make balloon animals!


Color: Purple Hue Craft: Welcome Mat TV Show: The Walking Dead & The Golden Girls

Movie: Office Space

Food: Tacos!

Animal: Pink Flamingo

Drink: Fruit Punch Vitamin Water

Vacation Destination: Finger Lakes

Look for Alicia at your next event!

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