Are you planning a bachelorette in Ellicottivlle or visiting family out of state? Now you can bring the pARTy with you, with HUE IT YOURSELF kits. These DIY kits contain everything you need to make an awesome project with your family and friends.


DIY String Art

Create your own custom string art design to complement your home. You'll start by adding a base wash to your board and then creating a nail outline of your design (don't worry - templates are included)!  Once the outline is complete, add string to fill in your design. 

Each kit is a creative pARTy in a box that includes everything you'll need for six people to make a high-quality project in about two hours.



- Step-by-step instructions

- 6 string boards (approximately 9" x 12")
- 6 string art design templates

     There are 10 different designs to choose from. Each kit includes 6 of the same 
      stencils for everyone to use.

- 2 paints for board
     Choices: Black, White, Brown

- Jute hook on back to display in home

- Nails

- 5 String Colors

    Choices: Black, White, Brown, Red, Light Blue, Royal Blue, Lime Green, Kelly Green,
     Yellow, Light Pink, Dark Pink, Purple, Orange, Teal, Gray, or Assorted. 

- Paint brushes, paint trays,water cups, table tarp, masking tape

Hammers NOT included!


After purchasing, kits will be available for pick up within 10 business days.  Shipping is not available on DIY pARTy kits.  Kits must be picked up at StudioHue DIY pARTies, 50 Broadway, Buffalo, NY 14203.  

DIY String Art Kit

String Color 1
String Color 2
String Color 3
String Color 4