As you begin your advnenture together, you'll want a way to track the memories from all the amazing places that you'll visit together across the United States or the globe.  


We'll create a customized travel map and even include nails so you can mark the places you've visited. A truly unique way to celebrate your special day and all of the guests who came together to be with you. This is not only a wonderful way to engage your guests but also to have everyone be part of a creative piece that will be yours forever!

Each sign is hand painted on hand distressed wood. This allows for a gorgeous, custom touch, making each sign a little different than the last. Please note as we do use real hardwood: grain, color, cracks, knots and bumps will vary slightly from sign to sign. We take care to ensure we will use each piece of wood in full, which means we do not cut out areas with knots or imperfections, we believe it adds to the character and beauty of each item we paint!


Measures approximately 24" X 24".  Because of it's size, this pallet is available for STUDIO PICK UP ONLY. Our studio is located at 50 Broadway, Buffalo, NY 14203.

24" x 24" Custom Travel Map Guest Book

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